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African Instruments & Music

African Playground Award-Winning CD

Swahili Modern

Put 207-2

  • Loved by young children and adults alike, African Playground is a compilation of colorful, African music from all across the continent. The CD is produced by the Putumayo World Music and is praised for including non-Westernized music.

    Many people purchase this CD for a small bongo or maraca for their children to encourage playing along. The CD also provides education though detailed liner notes about each song.

    1. Battu
    2. Jambo Bwana
    3. Mbube
    4. Hello Hello
    5. Sing Lo-Lo
    6. Kalimba
    7. Hendry
    8. Munomuno
    9. Hoya Hoye
    10. Sangoma
    11. Laba Laba
    12. Barco di Papel

Vendor: Swahili Modern

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