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Something for What Ails You: A Medicinal Booth in Burkina Faso

In September, we happened upon this booth of medicinal cures at a market in Burkina Faso. The booth seemed to have a cure for everything:...

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A New Approach: Fair Tuesday

Some shoppers fixate on saving bucks; others are fixed on saving futures. November 28 will mark the 35th Thanksgiving I will have celebrated as a...

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Rubbish Redemption

In the West African nation of Senegal, artisans style out metal discards. Cool, urban and offbeat are all words we can aptly use to describe...

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A Day with Martin

Monda Recycled Glass and Soapstone Art Jewelry While visiting Kenya in September, Leslie, Jenna and I were privileged to visit an old friend of Swahili's,...

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