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Sharing Hearts

February 07, 2012 1 Comment

Back in 2004, we considered ourselves too cool for hearts. I mean, love's great and all, but really? Hearts??? We're forward-thinking professional women who traded in hearts and ponies a long time ago for high heels and passports. Would anyone buy hearts?

As it turns out, EVERYONE buys hearts. You'd've thought we had the secret of all existence in our outstretched hands; buyers across the country began ordering our pretty little stone, glass and bone heart keepsakes by the thousands. The reports began to roll in about how a little basket full of hearts at their checkstand just made so many store employees and customers happy. Purportedly, shoppers could scarce resist the temptation to throw a few hearts in with their purchases. Love was still very much in style!

Lesson learned.

Over the years, our customers have shared some sweet ways they've put our little tokens of love to use. One couple on Vashon Island, Washington, ordered dozens of our blue and green recycled glass heart keepsakes for their beach wedding. After nuptials, guests were invited to search for "beach glass" hearts, which the couple had strewn about in the sand.

Another couple, both avid world travelers, uses a pair of our hand carved soapstone hearts in a sweet ritual. When at home together, the spouses' hearts are nestled together in a special place in the home. When traveling, each spouse takes the heart of their loved one to display in their hotel room as a present reminder of the love that keeps their marriage warm. Upon their return home, the hearts are united back in their place of honor until the next trip.

Our most recent report of sharing hearts came from a Catholic school in California:

I Just have to write and share with you how the little Kenya soapstone hearts you sent us were such a blessing at our Mother/Daughter retreat on Sunday! You could feel the energy when each mother and daughter selected a heart from the the end of the retreat we had a concluding blessing of the hearts. They loved the hearts and the blessing!

So I wanted you to know how far-reaching your efforts go---from the heart of Africa to the hearts of the retreat participants!

Blessings all over you!
Sister Joann
Carondelet Catholic High School

Eight years into our exploration of heart keepsakes, we're fully convinced that these sweet little tokens have a permanent place in our line. Every design mission we're inspired to find one more way to embody the ideal of love in physical form, every year our customers find more ways to share love straight from heart of Africa with their friends and loved ones.

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March 05, 2015

hi there Jess,i’d just like to say i absolutely love your blog :) love alot of the stuff you pick out, and the room irtipnasion pics just make me gasp inwardly… i’m really excited to do up my new apartment in a year and a half’s time, and your blog provides great irtipnasion and exciting ideas for me to chew on till then! So, thank you for blogging… I’ll be reading!Zee

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