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Makenge Wedding Baskets

November 06, 2015

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We were recently introduced to the "global, eclectic style" of apartmentf15, who purchased antique makenge baskets from our good friend My American Nomad.

All we can say is "wow!" We love the rich blues, soft whites, and brown mid-tones, all perfectly punctuated by a shoot of greenery.

These rare African baskets are antiques from Zambia that we were fortunate to acquire from an American collector who is married to a Zambian woman. This dynamic couple traveled to Zambia several times a year and collected hundreds of makenge baskets, which they privately sold before retiring this year.

African Woven Wedding Baskets

Aparartmentf15 has an impressive following on Pinterest and Instagram, where she is admired for her use of natural elements and melange of cultural pieces.

Woven Makenge Wedding Baskets

Zambian wedding baskets are woven using the fibers root of the makenge root. The baskets are handed down to new brides, often from generation to generation. The baskets feature both decorative and functional top stitching that is used to repair holes in the basket.

African Handmade Wedding Basket

Being that talent attracts talent, it's not surprising that apartmentf15 sourced her baskets through My American Nomad, who is an amazing curator of handmade decor as well as skilled stylist and photographer. 

Please be sure to follow apartmentf15 and My American Nomad for design inspiration!

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