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Fair Trade Trends

Like many business owners, we are trying to improve our search ranking in Google for keywords such as "African baskets." Side note: hey Google, if you are reading this, we love you! Please help us rank higher and we'll invite you to all of our office parties and give you free stuff!

Joking aside, our two-year-old retail website is trying to improve our ranking for basic keywords so customers can find us. After all, our African baskets are the best in the biz and we are confident that people will buy them if they can find them. 

While doing some keyword research today, we stumbled upon an interesting find in Google Trends: people are searching for "fair trade" less every year. Here's the link.

Fair trade

What!?! How could this be? Today's consumers are becoming rightfully concerned with the origins of their products, as widely demonstrated with organic foods and GMOs. Being in the fair trade business, we are confident that people want products that are eco-friendly, non-factory, and made by people who are paid fairly. 

So, we are left to wonder: has the term "fair trade" become clouded with "direct trade," "green," or "sustainable?" 

What do you think?

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