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African Innovation: A Battery Wrapped in a Cell Phone

In the States, our phones are always getting thinner and slicker, but in Ghana, innovative minds are thinking differently. Recently, there has been a surge in cell phones so bulky that they even include a handle. But do you know what else these giant phones include? 

-a power bank battery to charge small electronics

-a USB port for charging

-an FM radio

-an LED flashlight

-3 SIM cards slots

-pre-installed WhatsApp and Facebook apps

All of these features have incredible value in Ghana at the moment. Sweeping power outages can last for a week, so having a power bank for your devices is a necessity. The flashlight and radio also come in handy when there is no power.

Why three SIM card slots? Ghanaians use them to take advantage of promotional offers and also to maintain different phone numbers, and this giant cell phone is a handy place to store the cards. 

This phone is one of the the things that we love most about Africa: innovation. Even though the phones are likely manufactured in China, some bright minds in Ghana thought "Let's ignore the thin iPhone trend and make a phone that our countrymen actually need." This thinking paid off: the phones are incredibly popular and seen everywhere in Accra. 

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