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Harry Potter Fans Demand Fair Trade Chocolate

Right before Christmas, Harry Potter fans received the very welcome news that all Harry Potter chocolate products sold at Warner Bros. outlets and through our licensed partners will be 100-percent UTZ or Fair Trade certified.” Here is the letter:

This win comes after four years of organizing, led by the Harry Potter Alliance, by fans who wanted to see the franchise live up to the ideals their fictional hero fought for. J.K. Rowling, Walk Free, and many other activists and organizations took part in the campaign. 

Chocolate and candy are an important part of the “Harry Potter” series. Upon arriving at Hogwart's, Harry is overwhelmed with the abundance of chocolate and sweets available in the dining hall, and chocolate becomes a symbol that Harry has found a new, more nourishing life than the one he had been living at the hands of his abusive aunt and uncle. 

In real life, chocolate play a big role in the Harry Potter empire. Chocolate Frogs are one of the series' signature sweets. Soon, we'll start seeing more labels like this one on the market:


The success of the campaign not only raises awareness of fair trade, but is a powerful source of inspiration that together we can build a most just world. 

For more in-depth info, visit the Harry Potter Alliance


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