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How Menstrual Cups Are Changing Lives in East Africa

A popular product in the last five years in the US, the menstrual cup is simple, long-lasting device that is bringing a new way of life to women and girls in Kenya where the average cost of sanitary pads can is nearly a day's labor. Because of this financial barrier, many women resort to alternative methods of management, including leaves, newspaper, rags, mud, and cotton. Also, girls in Kenya will miss an average of 4.9 days of school each month because of her periods, adding up to around 20 percent of the school year. 

Fortunately, Femme International is hard at work distributing silicone menstrual cups in Kenya and the positive impact is immediate. Safe and sanitary, the menstrual cup is allowing women to stay healthy and does not sacrifice her ability to participate in work, school, or daily activities. 

You can donate a Femme Kit to girls in need and read more about the issue at:

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