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Anthropologie and the Power of Brand

Our Brass Safari Wine Stoppers were recently picked up by Anthropologie and, to our delight, sold out more quickly than expected. Since that time, the few remaining wine stoppers that we have on the site are also selling at a rapid pace, which we found to be surprising since the stoppers that we shipped to Anthropologie did not bear our brand name. A quick stop by Google Analytics shows that people are arriving at our site by searching for "Anthropologie wine stoppers." Clearly Anthropologie has a very committed following of shoppers!

But the fun does not stop there. A little more internet sleuthing revealed that the stoppers are now being sold on Ebay, some to the tune of $25! These Ebay sellers must have purchased the bottle stoppers in-store (for $12 a piece) then waited for them to sell out before listing them online. 

While we would like to think that these South African stoppers are selling based on their own appeal, the power and reach of Anthropologie's brand is clearly the driving force behind this wine stopper frenzy. We hope to one day have a similar customer following based on trust in our good taste and unique product selection, which have been the two factors that have established Anthropologie as a trendsetter. 

In the mean time, we urge you to pick up a wine stopper - at $8 - before the Ebayers snatch them up!

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