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Fair Trade for the World Cup

A cherished sport on every continent, soccer is finally gaining a large fan base in the US. This year's World Cup is drawing more fans than ever, with 25.2 million people tuning in to watch the US vs Portugal game. The height of US viewership at the 2010 World Cup was 19.4 million. 

As I write this, like most Americans right now, I have the US vs Germany game playing in the background. Even though I am not a hardcore soccer fan, the game is incredibly exciting. Two bars across from my office are teeming with jubilant fans, all drinking their liquid lunches and ooh'ing and ah'ing with every move. There is an energy in the air and a sense of nationalism. 

Adding even more joy to the occasion,the Senda soccer balls used for the World Cup are Fair Trade Certified. How great is that? These limited edition balls are designed only for this Brazil World Cup and are a great tool to raise awareness for Fair Trade. 

At Swahili, we also have a small Fair Trade contribution to make to the World Cup: our Spark Plug Soccer Star has an uncanny resemblance to midfielder - and dreaded heartthrob - Kyle Beckerman!


You can pick up your own mini Beckerman at

Thanks for your support and go Team USA!

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Daniel Quaynor
Daniel Quaynor

July 11, 2014

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