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Kenya to Be Featured in the 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival

If you live in the DC area, be sure to visit this year's famous Folklife Festival, where Kenya will be a main feature. This free festival is held outdoors on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., between the Smithsonian museums. The dates of the festival are June 25th-June 29th and July 2nd-July 6th. 

According to the Festival's website, "visitors will be able to interact with exemplary craftspeople who work with everything from clay to soapstone to recycled materials, learn about important fossil discoveries by taking part in a model dig site from the Great Rift Valley, run with Kenya’s Olympic athletes, dance to both traditional and contemporary music from many regions of the country, discover how Kenyans live among and work with some of the most magnificent wildlife on the continent, and experience Kenyan life in the United States."

"All of this will take place in venues and spaces that reflect the creative and dynamic experiences of the Kenyan people, whether they live in urban or rural, coastal or inland environments."

Sounds amazing to us! And knowing the Smithsonian's high standard of quality, this will be an absolutely beautiful production. Please do visit if you get the chance and be sure to send us your photos!

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