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Meeting with Paul Njoronge in Kenya

On our recent trip to Kenya, we had the pleasure of meeting with Paul Njoronge, who is the artist behind our popular Hand-Painted Rocking Birds. Paul is an amazing guy and one of the friendliest - and most fascinating - people you'll ever meet. Paul has dedicated his life to the study of Kenyan birdlife. He is intimately familiar with all of the bird species in Nairobi and beyond, and he uses this knowledge to recreate realistic bird sculptures.

Here is Paul pictured with Leslie, as they work on some new chicken designs. 

Thanks for working with us and spending the day with us, Paul!

Update 04/11/2014: We are devastated to learn that Paul passed away yesterday due to a complication with food being lodged in his throat. Paul was one of the kindest, smartest, and friendliest people on this planet. Our hearts ache for his loss. We will always remember Paul for his wonderful spirit and outstanding artwork. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. Rest in peace, Paul. We loved you.

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