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Need an extra push to purchase? The sale of every product on this site directly benefits the artisans who created it, which in turn helps the artisans to raise healthy families, improve their living conditions, and better their community. 

Many of the artisans work from the comfort of their own home or in large, joyful groups like the one you see pictured. There are no factories involved in the products you see on this site. Instead, the artisans we represent are happy and well-compensated, and we feel great about it!

We appreciate your support so much and hope that you check back frequently to see our latest Fair Trade items made from happy hands from all across Africa.

Swahili News

East African "Dawa Medicine" Cocktail Recipe

July 21, 2015

"Dawa" is the Swahili word for medicine. These hand-carved sticks are used for mixing the famous East African Dawa Cocktail and are made from neem, which is a healing wood. Recipe:1-2 shots of vodka1 tablespoon of honey1 tablespoon fresh lime juiceChunks of fresh limeSmall chunks of broken icePut all of the ingredients into a glass and muddle well with the Dawa Sticks. Enjoy!

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